Training physicians in behavioural change counseling: A systematic review

Physician training in evidence-based behaviour change counselling (BCC) may improve behavioural risk factor management through prescriptive behaviour change interventions employed by physicians. The objectives of this systematic review, led by Can-Change trainees Anda Dragomir and Cassandre Julien, was to gauge the efficacy of BCC training programs for physicians, and to describe program content, dose and structure to inform better design and dissemination.

Curbing excess gestational weight gain in primary care: using a point-of-care tool based on behavior change theory

Excess gestational weight gain (GWG) is a risk factor for several adverse outcomes for mothers and their offspring. The 5As of Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain is a tool that assists clinicians to have patient-centered discussions about GWG. This feasibility trial, co-led by Can-Change member Dr. Michael Vallis, examined the association between training in the use of this tool and women’s self-efficacy to manage GWG, readiness to adhere to GWG guidelines, perception of their clinicians’ patient-centeredness when discussing GWG, and guideline concordance of total GWG.