Psychosocial Care in Diabetes – Podcast series

To mark the 25th anniversary of the EASD’s Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes (PSAD) study group, Medicine Matters diabetes is highlighting the impact of psychosocial issues on diabetes care in a series of seven podcasts. Key areas being discussed include dealing with diabetes distress, the psychological impact of hypoglycaemia, using diabetes technology, optimal and consistent medication taking, disengagement with diabetes, and the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 in patients with diabetes.

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Episode 1 with Frank Snoek – Listen

Why psychosocial care matters. In this first episode, PSAD founder Frank Snoek (@diabpsychology) talks about the history and achievements of the study group and outlines the changing profile of psychosocial research in diabetes care.

Episode 2 with William Polonsky – Listen

Diabetes distress. In this second podcast, William Polonsky talks about what healthcare professionals can do to help reduce the impact of diabetes distress on the wellbeing and glucose management of people with diabetes.

Episode 3 with Christel Hendrieckx – Listen 

Psychological impact of hypoglycemia. In the third podcast, Christel Hendrieckx discusses the impact fear and anxiety associated with hypoglycemia can have on people with diabetes and how they manage their condition, and advises on how best to support them.

Episode 4 with Thomas KubiakListen

Considerations when working with people using diabetes technology. In the fourth podcast, Thomas Kubiak explains how diabetes technology can be a boon for people struggling with diabetes-related psychosocial issues, but also highlights why psychosocial factors must be addressed for the successful uptake of these technologies.

Episode 5 with Kirsty WinkleyListen

Optimal medication taking in diabetes. In the fifth podcast, Kirsty Winkley shares her thoughts on the challenges people with diabetes face in taking medications optimally and consistently, and what approaches healthcare providers can take to help mitigate the potential barriers.

Episode 6 with William Polonsky – Listen

Diabetes disengagement. In the sixth podcast, William Polonsky addresses diabetes disengagement, a critical yet understudied issue, providing practical advice on how healthcare professionals can encourage their patients to engage in self-managing their condition.

Episode 7 with Michael Vallis – Listen

Supporting people with diabetes during the pandemic. In the seventh podcast, Michael Vallis talks about the risk for poor self-management of diabetes as a result of stress due to the pandemic and offers guidance on identifying those most affected and the strategies to help them through it.